Brain Training for Dogs VS Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer

Brain Training for Dogs VS Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer

When it comes to our furry friends, we all hope for an obedient and smart puppy that understands what we want, when we want it, and then obeys our wishes. If you have been faced with a “difficult” dog in the past, you may wonder if you did something wrong, or if some dogs simply can’t be trained. Today we will take a look at two courses for obedience training that will give you the tools you need to properly train your dog in an effective and efficient manner. 

If you and your dog are struggling to see eye to eye or dealing with common home dog training issues such as barking, whining, jumping, accidents, biting, and the like, then don’t hesitate to read on and discover a couple of possible solutions. You and your dog will both benefit from the elimination of your dog’s stress-inducing bad behaviors. This will allow for the development of a long and strong bond between you and your pet.

Brain Training for Dogs

Our first product overview is a system called Brain Training for Dogs. Developed by certified and experienced dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli over the course of 10 years, this training system consists of 7 modules that consist of everything from getting your dog to pay attention and obey commands, to teaching your dog not to engage in bad behaviors such as digging or whining.

It has a great track record for providing dog owners with a simple and “force-free” approach to a well-behaved companion. The approach taken in Brain Training for Dogs is backed by the scientific knowledge that a smarter dog is a better-behaved dog. It relies on the fact that if you are able to successfully engage your pet on an intellectual level, then you will gain the edge on curing common problems that plague pet owners across the world.

Many traditional training methods rely heavily on harsh punishment and manipulating your pet’s behavior through fear. Research has found this style to be less effective and potentially damaging to your relationship to your pet, and instead chooses to focus on creating a strong, positive emotional bond that encourages your dog to please you. This is accomplished through a collection of games and techniques to guide your dog from Preschool level through Graduation and beyond! 

The program materials consist of clear and concise instructions with pictures, as well as video demonstrations of the brain training games. You will also receive access to support through a variety of channels including direct contact with Adrienne and membership on a private forum with owners just like you!

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Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer

The second product we are looking at is the Online Dog Trainer by “Doggy Dan.” The creator of this program is a well-known professional dog trainer as well as a speaker and author on related subjects. With 22,000+ success stories and glowing reviews, this system has proven to be popular as well as effective.

Like the approach to Brain Training for Dogs, this system focuses on modifying your dog’s behavior without the use of force and harsh physical punishment. Instead it has a focus on understanding how your dog naturally thinks and responds to certain situations. The methods presented in this course help you to “get into your dog’s headspace” in a way that gives you the upper hand.

The approach taken in Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer courses is similar to a technique that has come to be commonly referred to as “alpha training.” In this approach, the idea is to establish a bond with your pet in which it is clear who is in charge.

When you are able to assert your dominance in the correct way, it creates the effect of your dog “wanting” to obey you as opposed to acting out of fear or in hopes of receiving a treat. While positive reinforcement with treats and negative reinforcement with physical punishments can work in the short term, they often fail in the long run and lead to further behavioral issues in the future.

Compare and Contrast

 Brain Training for DogsDoggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer
Offers free trialNoYes
Money Back GuaranteeYesYes
“Force-free” TechniquesYesYes
Video TutorialsYesYes
Access to Member’s ForumYesYes
One-time VS Monthly feeOne-time PaymentMonthly Subscription Fee

While many areas of these two programs overlap, there a couple of main differences between the two types of approaches. The first and largest difference between the two programs has to do with the “alpha” training approach discussed in the Doggy Dan’s system. Brain Training for Dogs does not actively promote techniques that assert your dominance over your pet. One could argue, however, that the natural development of a relationship between owner and pet involves your dog coming to understand who makes the rules.

In this way, both systems promote the idea of teaching your dog in a way that makes them want to please you. Brain Training for Dogs gives credit to stimulating your dog intellectually in a way that encourages this obedience, while Doggy Dan’s concludes that establishing yourself as the alpha will encourage your dog’s obedience.

The other major difference between the two programs is payment. Brain Training for Dogs is offered as a one-time purchase that gives you access to all the included materials as well as the online “Member’s” area and forum. This includes the direct support from Adrienne herself. While there is no “free” trial period or offers, there is a 60-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied purchasers.

On the other hand, Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer does offer a trial period with access to the products and resources. At the end of the trial, you have the option to opt-out of a monthly subscription or join the Doggy Dan community and continue training with your canine. You also have the option to fore-go the trial period and elect to a 6-month subscription that works out to be a lower monthly cost than the normal fee.

What to Buy?

Both methods have been shown to be successful for many dog owners, so the “right” approach comes down to your own personal situation and beliefs. For an expert approach that focuses on ensuring your dog knows you are in charge, Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer can provide a laser focus through alpha training techniques coupled with force-free methods.

This may be the answer if you have concerns that your dog will not respect your authority as their owner. While many dogs readily accept the fact that you are the boss, some may require more training to lay down the law.

For some, there is a reluctance to actively assert dominance techniques such as the ones used in Doggy Dan’s courses. If this is the case, you may be better served through the Brain Training for Dogs course.

This course shies away from using alpha techniques to establish control of your dog and instead focuses more heavily on mental stimulation. Through the use of games and fun training, you’ll be able to develop your dog beyond standard obedience levels and really amp up their intelligence.

Regardless of which program you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that both have successfully served thousands of dog owners just like you. Led by credible and scientifically backed creators, you can rest assured that you and your dog will both be happier with the outcomes of the course.

Alisha Yunker, originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Alisha is a prominent agility trainer who specializes in a cooperative approach to training her dogs. She applies scientific principles to training her dogs, with the main concern of the dog’s well being.
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